Eruru / えるる

You can call me Eru.
日本語がわかりませんww German/English OK!


I mostly draw fanart for Durarara!!, with side servings of idols, the naritaverse and other stuff when I feel like it.
I'm planning to post more original art in the future.

When you repost my art, I’d be happy if you credit me., you don’t have to ask me first.
Of course I’d prefer it if you just reblog/retweet my stuff if it’s about tumblr/twitter.

You can use my art for icons or headers, crediting me isn’t necessary in that case. (If you still do it, I might love you a lot.)

I only get angry if someone claims to have drawn stuff that’s actually mine, but that probably won’t ever happen, so uhh, yeah.


anime enthusiast + ryohgo narita-fan with a passion for
art, video games, yuri & 2D idols.
somewhat an artist.

OTP: Orihara Izaya/Kinomiya Kazane

スクフェス JPSIF: 507124286
歌マクロス Uta Macross: 38086396
デレステ deresute: 692622686