Eruru / えるる

You can call me Eru.
日本語がわかりませんww German/English OK!


I mostly draw fanart for Durarara!!, with side servings of other fandoms and ocs when I feel like it.


Reposting is fine by me, crediting is very appreciated.
Feel free to use my art for icons or headers.
Please do not claim as your own.


anime enthusiast + ryohgo narita-fan with a passion for
art, video games, yuri & 2D idols. somewhat an artist.

OTP: Orihara Izaya/Kinomiya Kazane

other ships: Izaya/Shinra, Izaya/Namie,
Lisa/Yukina, Misaki/Kanon, Shiki/Frederica, Yohane/Riko, etc.

Fav Girls from Bandori / Im@s CG / LL! ♡

Roselia ♡ LIPPS